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Commissions - OPEN

Commissions are now open for the next few months. Message me for details.

Commission pricing plan
So, i have finally worked out a pricing plan! It is VERY preliminary, and will most likely be subject to change once I've worked out more things, but it does mean that currently things are negotiable :P there is a lot of information to take in, but hopefully I've explained things well enough. Please feel free to message me with any questions, or to get me to work out the price of something for you. I will soon add the prices for glue sculptures and dragon skulls.

Semi posable dolls are sweet little cuddly toys, average at 30cm in length. They have painted clay or resin feet and faces, with plush bodies. Their legs are floppy, and they have a high quality ball and socket spine to allow for simple posing. I can hybridise any creatures you want, or you can have a single creature as a semi posable.
The ocofoxes are my own hybridisation of an Ocelot and Fennec Fox. They all have the same super soft leopard print fur, in either yellow or grey. For a custom design, I can use any fur you like, though depending on what it is, it may not be as soft and smushy as the ocofox fur.
Premade ocofox - 50-60
Custom ocofox - 65-70
Custom own creature - 65-80 (depending on materials, complexity etc)

Unlike semi posables which are limited in the features they can have, fully posables can be pretty much anything you want them to be. They can have wings, horns, spikes, multiple heads, limbs, tails etc, whatever you want. Any creature, any colour, any size. Full posables will have an armature throughout the entire body, securely attached to the feet and head for a full range of movement. I have two armatures available, wire or ball jointed plastic. The wire is incredibly posable, but will eventually break due to wear and tear. The plastic isn't quite as posable, (still very good, unnoticeable on larger dolls) but will pretty much never break. Although the plastic is ridiculously expensive for me to buy, it currently does not cost extra to have it in your doll, though it will not work in small dolls.

Serpentine (no legs, just head and body)
Small-30cm - 10
Medium-60cm - 20
Large-90cm - 30

2-4 legged creature (head, legs, tail, body, only sculpted parts is simple head and feet)
I will measure these by whichever measurement is longest, height or length. Therefore, a 30cm tall, 10cm long giraffe would be the same price as a 30cm long, 10cm tall cat. If the measurements are nearly equal, I will charge halfway between that length tier and the next.
Small- < 25cm x <10cm - 50
Medium - 25- 45cm in any one direction - 70
Large- 45-70cm in any one direction - 90-125
Huge- to be figured out on an individual basis.
Sizes may change as I get used to making larger dolls.

Price goes up for things like wings and what not. Size will be a factor, but that can be figured out on an individual basis if unusually sized.

Posable Feather wings - 10/17/25
Posable dragon wings- to be decided
Sculpted head horns - 5
Sculpted antlers WARNING, VERY FRAGILE - 10
Plastic antlers - 10
Spines (warning, may limit posability of plastic armatures) - 5/8/12
Tail decoration (spikes, ball, etc) - 3 to 8 complexity depending
Feather tufts (just a few feathery tufts for decoration) - 5
Feather head crest (50-200 feathers individually chosen, cut down to proper shape and secured in the head, VERY painstaking process but looks super realistic) - 10-30 depending on head size
Feather foot crest - 5 per foot
Anything else - message me and ask :)
EYUGH I suck at being active on here. But Im working on it! But life is busy and stressful 0.o In recent news, I have now graduated from University! I left with a 2:1 which I am happy with, and am now working on getting all my cutlery art out into the world! If you want to see it, check out my other DA account here>> :iconalexana-sculpture: 
Im desperately looking for work as I am VERY poor, and will soon be starting a new art business course which should be good! I barely have much time for dolls any more which makes me very sad but I am working on them here and there whenever I can really because I do love them. And Im hoping to be more active on here and actually reply to messages haha....Im really bad at that...sorry everyone! 

So yeah. Thats whats been up recently! And again, Im sorry Im so bad at replying to things and posting stuff... ^^;


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